Jeje?s Agency has an extensive list of properties available to rent in the areas surrounding the Rota Navy Base. The listings are regularly updated and contain good quality photographs, detailed descriptions and information to help you choose the properties that best meet your needs.

Tell us what are your needs, what type of property you are looking for, your housing allowance and we can suggest what we think would be the best matches from the listings available at the time of your move.

We will arrange viewings and accompany you describing the good and not so good points of each property and their neighborhoods to help you know each property before you make your housing decision.

Once you have selected your home we will accompany you throughout the contracting phase translating, explaining and negotiating, etc. until you get the keys ready to move in. Throughout the duration of the rental contract we are on-hand to help with any problem, question or doubt. At check-out when the rental contract expires we are there again if required to help make sure all goes smothly.

Our objective is that you are happy with your home and you landlords for the duration of your stay here.